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Florent Roussot is specialized in labor in and social security law. He puts his expertise in the service of our clients.

Born in Montmorency (France)
2009 – 2016
General law studies in French law: Master’s Degree in judicial careers, first year social law, second year labor law and social security law (University of Rennes 1, France)
Legal practitioner for social law in the law firm Tchunky-Milon in Rennes (France)
Legal practitioner for social law at In Extenso in Schiltigheim (France)
Associate with the law firm Berton & Associés in Strasbourg
  • Florent Roussot is a French native speaker and communicates in Germen and English.

    Florent Roussot advises clients in social law in collaboration with Ms. Schneider. He deals with in-depth issues in social security law as well as in individual and collective labor law. Florent lives in Germany.

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