Why do I need tailored services from French-German and international experts for my business in France?

Our law firm provides its clients with the services of bilingual specialists of the international and French-German business throughout the whole venture in France or Germany.

Specific services for French German and international businesses

Our clients’ cross-border business ventures are often complex and lead to numerous crucial questions such as:

  • Which French characteristics do I need to take into account in order for my project to succeed in France?
  • Do I have to adapt my marketing strategy to the French market?
  • Do I need to get insurance in order to secure my business?
  • Do I have to set up a distribution network, hire employees or undertake a market analysis?
  • Do I need to set up a corporation in France?
  • Do I need to find my own premises in France? Or a bank?
  • How do I proceed with accounting and tax refunds in France? Who can assist me with due diligence for the acquisition of an existing French business?

A network of French-German

The law firm assists its clients with their business in France and Germany on a long-term basis. Our firm supports German and international companies in the different aspects of their business in France with a team of trilingual experts who are specialized in various fields of law.

We are an independent law firm and have therefore had the chance to build a network of independent and specialized consultants in different practice areas with the exclusive selection criteria of the quality of their performance concerning their knowledge of the French-German market and perfect language skills in German and French.

This skills network in France and Germany gives us the possibility to offer a quality global service in order to assist our clients in their cross-border transactions.

A one-stop shop for your business in France

In order to ensure the best support of our client’s business projects in France, the law firm works together with a team of French-German and international experts for legal and law-related services– our clients can therefore relay messages to and from a single contact person.

Our law firm coordinates the services of the different French-German consultants in order to provide a global business service to clients. This allows us to optimize our client’s cross-border venture in France.

Thanks to this strategy, our clients don’t notice the problems and complexity related to their foreign business.

This means: You focus on the core of your business– we do the rest.

The following experts of our team are happy to assist our clients:

  • French tax consultants
  • French notaries
  • Lawyers specialized in specific practice areas, such as French public law or environmental law
  • Marketing and e-marketing experts for the French-German market
  • Consultants in the field of distribution and intercultural management in France
  • French-German recruitment consultants
  • French patent attorneys
  • French insurance brokers
  • French banks with multilingual associates