We offer legal advice to our international clients with online shops or other online businesses in France

Our law firm provides legal advice in the following situations:

  • if you want to reach the French market with a pre-existing website from another country
  • if you want to create a French online shop
  • if you need to defend yourself against the unlawful behavior of our French competitors in e-commerce

We provide legal advice for the adaptation of a foreign website aimed at the French market

In this context, we provide the following services:

  • we review the contents and texts of your website in order to adapt them to the French consumer
  • we provide legal advice on all questions regarding the processing of personal data and online payment methods
  • we analyze all legal aspects of your online shop, marketing strategy, advertisement as well as online competitions.
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We assist our clients who plan the setup of a website in France

Here are examples of the services we provide in this case:

  • we draft your General Terms and Conditions and other legal contents of your French online shop
  • we negotiate and draft contracts with your French business partners, such as web designers, graphic designers and internet marketing specialists
  • we draft employment contracts for your French employees as well as appointment contracts for executive officers in France; we assist you with the incorporation of a business in France, the conclusion of a commercial lease agreement and much more.
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