Assistance in tax matters for German and international companies with business in France

We support German and international companies in all aspects of French tax law and regularly cooperate with their German and French tax consultants.

We also assist individuals from Germany or other foreign countries who work or have assets in France. We help them find their way through the multitude of legal provisions in French and international tax law.

Assistance of German and international companies in France

Our legal services in tax law include, in particular:

  • Legal assistance in value-added tax issues, e.g., questions concerning the place of supply of services or transport of goods
  • Cooperation with the client’s French tax accountant for the VAT-refund claim in France
  • Tax advising linked to the activity of a German or international company in France (e.g., risks of permanent establishment, deductibility of investment expenses, etc.) and optimization of the tax burden
  • Dealing with complex international tax matters on income tax, especially with regards to income tax treaty issues such as withholding tax on license fees, taxation linked to building sites, and more
  • Legal assistance and analysis of tax matters linked to the conclusion of a contract with a French business partner
  • Tax strategy planning in cooperation with the tax accountant of the client before establishing a business in France, such as the choice of the best corporate form in France
  • Assistance with the issues of transfer prices in the group under French tax law
  • Legal assistance with questions on consolidated tax status
  • Optimization of the tax burden and assistance with the tax return and refund for dividends by a French corporation to its foreign shareholder
  • Assistance of the human resources department and the management of the German or international client having any questions on the taxation of the executive officers in France
  • Assistance of foreign tax payers for a tax audit in France
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Assistance in tax matters for individuals related to France

  • Optimization of the tax burden and assistance with the income tax return of expatriates
  • Determination of the country of residence, of activity and the place of taxation for the income tax of individuals with a professional activity (employee, freelancer, artistic activity…) or real estate in France
  • Representation of foreign tax payers before tax authorities or courts
  • Advice in issues related to the taxation of assets (inheritance and gift tax, investment in real estate) and assistance with tax returns
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