What clients say about Berton & Associés

IOR International Rectifier

The German human resources department of a US-based multinational company reports on its current cooperation with Berton & Associés


« International Rectifier is a US-based, quoted company specializing in « advanced power management technology. » The Human Resources Department in Germany needs regular support and advice in order to draft important legal documents in French labor law.

The French-German law firm Berton & Associés is always available on call. We highly appreciate the technically qualified, multilingual and professional advice of Berton & Associés in all matters concerning French labor law! »

Beate Merz

Human Resources International Rectifier GmbH

+49 6102 884450


A medium-size company in the field B-to-B e-commerce reports on its current cooperation in French business law


GETTYGO is a German trading firm in the automotive sector and has been active on the German market since 2006, on the Austrian market since 2008 and on the French market since 2012.

Berton & Associés has accompanied us since 2010 with all kinds of legal services: in order to prepare ourselves for the French market, we had to choose the right corporation form for our business; we had to find a tax consultant, an auditor and a bank in France, as well as premises for our business in Strasbourg. As we were not familiar with the specific aspects of labor law in a socialist economic system such as France, we needed continuous legal assistance with the drafting and control of employment contracts.

Berton & Associés even helped us to find premises in a beautiful old building in the center of Strasbourg and assisted us with the conclusion of the commercial lease agreement.

We therefore had a perfectly organized start on the French market and have already topped our sales goals in our first business year.

Thanks to the cooperation with Berton & Associés, we were able to set up a successful and market-oriented business in France with a staff that only spoke German.

Besides the competent and friendly counseling in German for the German management of our company and in French for our French managers in Strasbourg, Berton & Associés is also available at all times for short consultations in daily business. »

Steffen Fritz

Steffen Fritz

Executive Officer of Gettygo GmbH / Director of Gettygo SAS


Martin Bahr

A German contractor with business in France recommends cooperation with Berton & Associés


« Our company operates in the steel-building industry. Our main activity is high rack construction and the construction of steel building solutions.

The French-German law firm Berton & Associés assists and supports us with the compliance with French law. Berton & Associés represents our interests in the relationships with the French Administration and French business partners. The cooperation with Berton & Associés makes the approach to the French Administration easier for us. We highly appreciate the good advice on the French administrative system and the quick proposals for solutions.

Our direct contact and the professional legal argumentation are the basis for our successful cooperation
with Berton & Associés. »

Martin Bähr

CEO Martin Bähr GmbH

+49 (0) 6836/92 07 51

kempfler and kempfler

One of our German colleagues appreciates our cooperation on behalf of his clients for their French-German projects


« Kempfler & Kempfler is a German law firm located in Eggenfelden in Lower Bavaria that covers wide range of legal matters and practice areas with its team of five lawyers.

We represent businesses and medium-sized companies from our region and represent their interests in litigation everywhere in Germany.

In legal matters with a foreign element, we always work in cooperation with our colleagues abroad.

For a couple of years now, we have successfully entrusted the French-German law firm Berton & Associés with the matters of our clients in France. We have therefore reached our aim to recommend a reliable and German-speaking lawyer in France to our clients.

If in our role of legal counsels we have any comprehension questions in French law, our French colleagues at Berton & Associés are always happy to help us. The explanations of Berton & Associés allow us to get an overview of the legal situation in France, which helps us for our own advising service. »

Hubert Kempfler


+ 49 (0 87 21) 12 52 - 14

Diagramm halbach

Report of a midsized corporation about the acquisition of a French firm in the field of medical technology


“Diagramm Halbach is a family business in medical technology and security printing.

We had the opportunity to appreciate the high quality professional services of the law firm Berton & Associés when we bought a company. We especially valued the skills of our lawyers in cross-border corporate and labor law, which contributed to the success of the deal from the due diligence to the closing of the purchase and sale agreement.

We will continue to require the quality services of Berton & Associés in the future and will be happy to also benefit from the fluent communication in several languages.”

Philipp Halbach

CEO of Diagramm Halbach GmbH & Co. KG

+49 (0)2304 / 759-0