Our legal advice in French labor law

Our attorneys will advise you in French labor law. Among others, our services address the following matters:

  • German and other international businesses with staff in France, which is either employed directly by the foreign mother company or by the French subsidiary;
  • German and foreign expatriates who work for their employer in the French subsidiary or employees who have been hired directly in France.

We also advise companies from other EU-countries or non-European countries seeking to expatriate employees from Germany to France or vice versa. Our written and oral English language skills allow us to meet the needs of our clients in French labor law.

Legal advice in French labor law for employers with employees in France

We provide the following services in particular to our clients:

  • Active legal assistance in hiring an employee in France, such as determination of the law applicable to the employment contract, the relocation of the employee within the group, advising regarding the social security contributions and other important aspects for our clients
  • Wording and analysis of French employment agreements
  • Advice on the issuing of powers of attorney for CEOs in regard to the provisions of French labor law
  • Drafting of provisions on bonuses for CEOs appointed in France
  • Analysis and assistance with the labor law issues arising out of corporate restructuring and mergers in France including transfer of activity, plant closure and downsizing
  • Counselling regarding the working hours of French employees as well as part-time jobs, vacation periods, sick leave
  • Negotiation, bargaining and wording of termination agreements of an employment contract as well as transactions with a French employee in order to avoid litigation
  • Advice regarding the elections and relationship with the French employees’ representatives
  • Counselling on issues of safety and health in the workplace in France
  • Advising of the foreign employer in all issues related to the international mobility of workers
labour law

Legal Advice in labor law for German employees who live in France

Due to the immediate proximity to the French border, we advise a lot of German cross-border commuters who work in France every day.

We provide legal advice to these clients, in particular in the following areas:

  • Their employment in France, including French-German tax law for cross-border commuters
  • Their relation with their French employer during their employment
  • The termination of the employment contract and its negotiation.

We regularly advise foreign employees who are transferred to France and help them adapt their employment contract to the provisions of French labor law. We also advise them on their social security status and in tax matters concerning their stay in France.

We also advise foreign citizens who would like to work in France or already live in France and who need support in French-German labor law or simply with the comprehension of the French language.

Finally, we assist employees in French-German labor and social security law when they return to Germany after having worked for a while in France.

Defense and representation of employers and employees in the event of litigation before a French labor court

If the work relations between the employer and the employee downgrade to such a level that the matter has to be brought before a labor court, our Attorneys represent employers and employees everywhere in France.

We explain to our clients and their German attorney – who knows the German Court system – the specific characteristics of French proceedings as well as the best strategy before French Courts for a better understanding of local proceedings in order to reach the best possible outcome for our client.

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