Counseling in French business law

We advise German and international clients on a daily basis in the course of their current cross-border business with France. We do not limit ourselves to just explaining the provisions of French law. We analyze the entire framework of the business of our clients, as well as the influence of international and European law in the case at hand, and we offer a strategy.

A wide range of services in international and French-German relations

We assist our clients in all legal issues relating to their business in France.

In particular, we assist German businesses that have branches in France and employ local employees in matters of French labor law and French social security law.

An important part of our counseling activity in the framework of the launch of a new branch in France is dedicated to French tax law, which goes hand in hand with the advice of your French tax consultant. We also offer legal services in the field of French corporate law.

We draft and revise agreements according to French contract law, for German and foreign companies that sell goods or services on the French market, especially in French distribution law.

Advising in mergers and acquisitions, including acquisitions from insolvencies, is also part of our expertise.

We also provide legal services on a regular basis in the fields of trademark law and intellectual property law, as well as in IT law, especially in the field of e-commerce.

We represent our German and foreign clients and their French subsidiaries before French Courts

Besides counselling in French business law, we offer our legal support in litigation and dispute resolution. We fight for the rights of our international clients before French Courts and enforce them. We evaluate each case at the outset and we start by analyzing the applicable law and the Court that has jurisdiction in the case. Our attorneys represent clients in litigation throughout the French territory.

We focus on employment and labor law court cases as well as complex commercial disputes, and we file law suits for the unpaid receivables of our international clients before French Courts.

Our litigation expertise includes the representation of our clients in bankruptcy proceedings.

french business law

Our legal services for individuals in international matters

In the age of globalization of the labor market, more and more German and foreign employees work in France. Our law firm has developed a specific expertise for expatriates in labor and social security law as well as in tax law that covers the time spent in France and the trip back home to Germany or other home countries.

French law on inheritance and donations and real estate law are also part of our legal services for individuals.