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01.04.22 ∙ French-German experts

The French Lawyer (avocat)

How many lawyers in France? More than 70,000 French lawyers (“Avocats”) are registered in France. French lawyers are admitted to one of the local bar associations (“Ordre des avocats”). 179 bar associations are registered in France. The different bar associations vary widely according to their size: the bar association of Paris is by far the largest in France: with approximately 23,000 lawyers admitted to the Paris bar, it brings together 41% of French lawyers. With approximately 900 lawyers, the bar association of Strasbourg is one of the 10 largest bar associations in France. How do you become a French lawyer?…

01.09.14 ∙ French-German experts FR-DE

Tax consultants in France: Presentation

How does one become a tax consultant (“expert-comptable”) in France? Training for tax consultants in France is divided into three steps: After three-year university training in accounting and business management, the prospective tax consultants have to successfully graduate in accounting and management [“Diplôme de Comptabilité et de Gestion (DGC)”]. The “DGC” is followed by another two-year study in order to obtain a higher-level degree in accounting and management [“Diplôme Supérieur de Comptabilité et de Gestion (DSCG)”]. There are two ways to obtain the DSCG degree: students can either take a university course or register in a specialized – public or…

11.08.14 ∙ French-German experts

The French notary

How do you become a notary in France? There are two different ways of acquiring the professional title as a notary in France. The basic requirement for both is to obtain a Master’s degree in law (called a “Master 1”). Students must then pursue their legal training either in a local school for notaries (“Centre de formation professionnelle notariale”) or at the university. The training in university requires that the candidate achieve a second Master’s degree (“Master 2”). However, the admission criteria for this Master 2 program are very strict. After academic training, the candidate begins a two-year practical training…

Frz. Gericht
02.10.10 ∙ Litigation in France

The French court system – an overview

French courts: division between courts in public matters and in private matters In France, the structure of the judiciary system is divided into ordinary courts for handling civil and criminal litigation on the one hand, and administrative courts on the other hand. Each Court has its own special provisions for competence, how to file a lawsuit and representation by an attorney. The administrative courts in France The administrative courts handle lawsuits involving the French State, local authorities or other public authorities ruled by public law. Administrative courts handle, for example, litigation with a mayor’s office on the grant of a…