Our attorneys practice in three locations in France and Germany

Berton & Associés was founded in 2007 in Strasbourg, at the French-German border.

In response to the increased demand of our German and foreign clients with business in the greater Paris area, we launched a new office in Paris in 2013.The German office in Mannheim belongs to the Berton Rechtsanwalts-GmbH, registered at the Bar Association of Karlsruhe. Our German office is located in the heart of the very dynamic state Baden-Württemberg.

Why a law firm with different locations in France and Germany?

It is important for us to be located where our clients are, even though digital communication systems make it easy to build and maintain client relationships. With some clients, we work together in the long-term without meeting them face-to-face thanks to the modern technology.

Choosing our law firm with offices on both sides of the Rhine gives our clients the possibility to have direct contact in their area for any questions they may have in French-German law.

We bring our legal services to our clients and their partners on time and this is also part of the success of the clients’ project.

Why our law firm?

Our offices in France and Germany as well as our strong expertise and knowledge contribute to the success of our clients’ ventures in France.

With short turnaround times, we move the projects of our clients forward quickly and efficiently.

law firm office

One of our German colleagues appreciates our cooperation on behalf of his clients for their French-German projects


“Kempfler & Kempfler is a German law firm located in Eggenfelden in Lower Bavaria that covers wide range of legal matters and practice areas with its team of five lawyers. We represent businesses and medium-sized companies from our region and represent their interests in litigation everywhere in Germany. In legal matters with a foreign element, we always work in cooperation with our colleagues abroad. For a couple of years now, we have successfully entrusted the French-German law firm Berton & Associés with the matters of our clients in France. We… »

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