Advising in French contract and distribution law and drafting & enforcement of contracts in France

Our attorneys offer you legal support with the negotiation, the conclusion and the enforcement of contracts with your French business partners.

Based on solid expertise in both French and German contract law, we intervene:

  • to determine a global strategy in French-German contract law with our clients
  • to consult and represent our clients in litigation before French and German courts
  • and in general to give all necessary legal support to foreign corporations that wish to sign an agreement and might have to take international rules into consideration.

We provide legal advice for all different kinds of agreements in your French-German business

We analyze and draft contracts for our clients such as:

  • distribution agreements (commercial agent agreements, distributor agreements, franchise agreements, exclusive distribution agreements, agency agreements, etc.)
  • purchase agreements including specification sheets, adherence to the provisions of the CISG-United Nations convention or not
  • partnership and cooperation agreements, trademark and patent licensing agreements, know-how and technology transfer agreements
  • contracts for services and agreements with sub-contractors
  • general terms and conditions
  • supply agreements, notably for industrial equipment
  • legal advice on industrial risks and product liability
  • IT contracts
  • agreements in the field of mergers & acquisitions, such as purchase agreements and warrantees
  • employment agreements for executive officers
  • agreements with building promoters as well as property purchase and leasing agreements
  • intergroup agreements such as service agreements, loans or cash-pooling agreements
  • agreements on debt securities such as personal securities, guarantees and guarantee insurance
  • any other kind of business agreement important to our client’s business in France
contracts distribution law

Assistance with the negotiation and wording of agreements

If you wish to sign a contract with a French business partner, we assist you with the following legal services:

  • Choice of the most advantageous / applicable law to the agreement after comparing French and German law and provisions of international law
  • Assistance with the negotiations with your French business partners and their lawyers, both for the conclusion of new contracts and the amendment of existing contracts
  • Drafting of tailored agreements for the specific needs of our clients
  • Amendment of existing agreements for the export to France
  • Legal analysis and consultation in order to optimize existing contracts
  • Legal analysis and establishment of complex agreement structures
  • Assistance for the establishment and closing of distribution networks
  • Legal advice regarding industrial risks and product liability

Litigation services in conflict situations

We assist you in conflict situations if the relationship with your French business partner should downgrade. We provide legal support based on our solid expertise in contract law, especially in the following fields:

  • Evaluation of the legal position of the client in the conflict (applicable law, obligations and rights resulting from the contract, risk evaluation etc.) and elaboration of a strategy for dealing with your French business partner
  • Negotiation and proposal of solutions for a fast resolution of the dispute
  • Drafting of cease and desist letters
  • Court actions and defense in proceedings for contractual disputes
  • Representation before French and German courts, according to which court has jurisdiction
  • Negotiation and wording of settlement agreements out of court

We explain to our clients the proceedings before French courts, and, if necessary, compare them to the Court proceedings in their country of origin, i.e., the German procedure for our German clients.

Our attorneys will also explain to clients the cultural differences of the French business partners, which generally helps to bring them to a settlement agreement if the parties so desire.

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