Our law firm offers legal services in French bankruptcy law

Representation of interests of German and international corporations in French bankruptcy proceedings

We represent creditors against an insolvent debtor in France. First of all, we check if the claims and payment claims of our clients could be contested by the insolvency administrator and if the claims are secured.

We file a petition for listing creditors‘ claims and get their property back in French bankruptcy proceedings.

We establish direct contact with the French insolvency administrator in order to inform our clients at any time about the goings-on of the proceedings and to represent their interests.

Legal support of parent companies of French subsidiaries in financial difficulty

We offer the following legal advice and representation services in particular:

  • Assistance of corporations in financial difficulty and of their foreign shareholders
  • Analysis of corporate liability of executive officers and of the shareholders linked to bankruptcy
  • Elaboration of a strategy to avoid bankruptcy
  • Legal advice on the possibility of a claim for debt restructuring before bankruptcy in France (procedure de sauvegarde)
  • Assistance with the filing of bankruptcy petitions
  • Representation of the debtor’s interests during the French bankruptcy proceedings and contact with the insolvency administrator
  • Assistance for the buyer of a French corporation in French insolvency proceedings
bankruptcy proceedings

Advice for the buyer of a French business in bankruptcy proceedings

Whether the acquisition concerns the whole business in France or shares of the business, we get in contact with the French insolvency administrator on behalf of the buyer in order to present an official purchase offer.

We represent the interests of our clients during all steps of the acquisition before and out of court and check the legal framework of the acquisition before the signing of the purchase agreement.

We also answer our clients’ legal questions relating to the acquisition in all the different fields of labor and contract law. We are also happy to assist buyers in all the steps following the acquisition, especially in relations with their new employees.

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